ThinkLever Network Protection - Complete protection for your network with no hardware or software to install or manage.

Protect your business data, computers, servers and users from internet threats.  We offer the most comprehensive way to keep your network protected.  We combine 3 powerful technologies to seamlessly protect your network, your employees and your technology investment.

  • icon-filtering-coloredWeb Filtering

    Flexible, location-aware policies with an unlimited number of custom block or allow lists

    60 different categories of web filtering coveing millions of domains and billions of websites ensure your network is totally protected

    Custom Whitelist / Blacklist - Allow or disallow any website

    Block Page Bypass - An innovative way to allow special access to bypass filters

  • icon-shield-coloredNetwork Security Filtering

    We predictively blocks access to malicious Internet hosts (servers or clients), greatly reducing the risk of infections or the need for time-consuming and expensive malware cleanup

    Stops malware-infected devices on your network from phoning home for new updates or commands from malware servers on the internet

    We protect against fraudulent Websites that attempt to steal their login credentials—often the same as those used to access internal data systems and cloud apps.
  • icon-cloud-blue100% Cloud Technology

    For the first time, you don't have to sacrifice performance, efficacy or manageability. Our cloud platform can deliver fast, reliable and highly effective malware, botnet and phishing protection because it eliminates two big obstacles: collecting and reacting to samples, and relying on an appliance for delivery.
  • Web Filtering
  • Network Security Filtering
  • 100% Cloud Technology